Seoul Climate & Energy Summit (CESS) 2018
  • We invite you to CESS 2018

The transition to a low-carbon society for reducing greenhouse
gases is a common global subject.

To do this, we need to reduce consumption resources, increase resource utilization, and quickly raise the share of renewable energy. We would like to invite you to join us in a series of domestic and international cases of bringing block chain technology to the energy sector during the 4th Industrial Revolution to create public values.

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  • Stuart Ravens
    Stuart Ravens
    Principal Research Analyst Navigant Research
  • Paul Ellis
    Paul Ellis
    Executive Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Lawrence Orsini
    Lawrence Orsini
    Founder & CEO LO3 Energy
  • Jose Lindo
    Jose Lindo
    Co-Founder & CEO ClimateCoin
  • Nick Gogerty
    Nick Gogerty
    Co-Founder SolarCoin Foundation
  • 한국블록체인협회
  • ClimateCoin
  • SolarCoin
  • International Energy Agency
  • World Energy Council
  • Navigant Research
  • Electron
  • LO3 Energy
  • Bloomberg New Energy Finance
  • KT
  • Encored Technologies
  • PWC
  • Power Ledger